Joy in Dandelions

Bees find joy in dandelions. So can we. What’s not to like about dandelions? You don’t have to plant them. They come up every year. They have beautiful yellow flowers. Bees love them. And their seeds float with grace.

Sven is an old rooster now. He spends a lot of time sitting and enjoying the spring air. Even though he’s old and no longer king of the hill, he still has hens who adore him.

Joy is finding the first rhododendron in bloom.

Joy is the powder fresh fragrance of Yaezakura, double cherry blossoms.

And joy is finding the first lilac in bloom. For northern, cool climates, few fragrances soothe the soul like the sweet perfume of lilacs. If it takes all winter for lilacs to distill their intoxicating perfume, it’s worth every frost and snow.

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