Less Is More Except When It Isn’t


We were shopping the other day and my husband purchased some packaged cookies. The picture above is what the cookies look like on the package. The picture below is what the cookies in the package look like in comparison to the cookies on the package.


Shoot me if I ever create deceptive packaging like that for my products. According to Field Day Organic “We take a less-is-more approach …” I think maybe they are taking this less-is-more approach too seriously. Another value they say they are committed to is “No confusion”. Confusion is exactly what we felt when we opened the package and looked at the cookies inside. Did the cookies shrink somewhere along the way? Maybe we didn’t store them correctly, though I don’t think they would have shrunken so much in just one day.

The packaging does say in small print, “Enlarged to show detail,” but it would be helpful if they indicated the exact cookie size somewhere so you wouldn’t be confused when you opened the package. Looking at the package, I don’t know if it the picture is enlarged 10%, 50%, or 100%.

Well, I’m relieved to know that like so many other companies, they “treasure customers”. I would hate to think how small the cookies would be if they didn’t treasure us.


Here again, there is the cookie as depicted on the box, and what the cookies inside the box actually look like. Less is less, don’t you think?


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