Like a Cloud


What does homemade tofu taste like? Hmm, that’s a good question. I was thinking how to answer that yesterday when I looked up and saw my answer floating by in the blue autumn sky. Fresh, homemade tofu tastes like a cloud.


The best time to eat it is when it is fresh out of the press, floating in cool water, warm and fluffy inside like white clouds floating through the blue sky.


On cold nights, there is nothing better than filling a pot with vegetables, chunks of fresh tofu, and pork, and letting it simmer on your wood stove for several hours.


Miasa 美朝 and her chicks love it cold. The whole family gathers around to make a communal meal out of blocks of fresh tofu. The mothers and chicks keep an eye out for me. When they see me heading out to the cottage to make tofu, they stay nearby, hoping to get a feast of fresh okara (the soybean mash leftover from making tofu) and tofu.

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