New Ducklings, New Potatoes

When I went to put the ducks to bed last night I heard peeping. Emma’s eggs had hatched. Today was their first full day outside, and she took them all over the garden. The row of komatsuna and rows of baby radishes are now gone, no doubt devoured by the little ducklings. Now I know that I need to protect baby greens from ducklings.

Emma is very protective of her ducklings. Get too close and she’ll charge. She even nipped my leg at one point.

Today was all new potato day, the first picking of the season, a handful of potatoes dug up from underneath a few potato plants. There is nothing to compare to the taste of potatoes fresh out of the ground, their skins so thin and delicate, you have to carry them as carefully as eggs to keep the skins from rubbing off. Potatoes like these are too good to sell.

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  1. To Daniel,

    Lovely little read this morning. What a cheerful message. I too have just got my first early potatoes. Love the picture of Emma and her ducklings. What a happy start to my day! Thanks Susan Chester, England


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