The Mystery of the Four Pullet Eggs


Every day something special happens. Is it the amusing whirligig stuck in the fence I found this morning? Maybe it’s the bee having a feast on the sunflower. What goes through a bee’s mind when it finds a sunflower this large? “Oh my god! Oh my god! Look at that flower!” Is that what it shrieks when it buzzes around it? “The bees at the hive will never believe me when I tell them how big this flower is!”


Or maybe the special moment of the day is spotting Special on her nest, laying an egg? It’s always special spotting her, but the special highlight of the day was finding four pullet eggs in a nest. I hadn’t checked the three nests in the woodshed for a while, and today when I looked, four olive colored pullet eggs were waiting for me in one of the nests. A hen hatched this spring has started to lay eggs. These are clearly eggs from the same hen. The mystery is which young hen is it?


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