The Seasons Change


On a warm, sunny day like today, winter already seems like a memory. I must keep in mind that the last frost date here is around April 15, so there is always a chance for a cold spell or two. It’s a good time to plan this year’s crops and order seeds and dream of rows of verdant greens.

The nearly daily bike ride to the post office and back is a good time to ponder what to grow and where. On clear days, Mt. Baker can see all the way down to where the road winds through the valley floor. It’s comforting to know that if I can see the mountain, the mountain can see me.


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  1. I planted peas, radishes, & lettuce yesterday (under old windows to make “cold frames” and today got up to 37 degrees–hoping I didn’t get ahead of myself! And let me just reiterate how much I enjoy your blog!

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