Dog or Bear?

dog or bear?

Takuma 拓真 is enjoying spring from the window. Is he a dog or is he a bear?

Spring comes slowly in the Pacific Northwest. The alders began to show hints of green weeks ago. Their leaves are just starting to unfurl. With spring inching along, the changes from one day to the next barely perceptible, spring is a relaxed meditation.

ducks in the garden
first magnolia
fresh garlic

Fresh garlic is a wonder of early spring. If you don’t pull all your garlic out in the fall, you’ll get clumps of garlic which are great eaten fresh before they form bulbs.

fruiting cherry blossoms
hen on nest

The lovage is back up, something I celebrate each year. For a short time, it’s a treat to cook with.

yellow tulips
tulip and takuma the dog

This morning, after a string of sunny days, we had a gentle morning shower. Just a light sprinkle to freshen things up and leave the air sweet.

tulip in the morning

2 Replies to “Dog or Bear?”

  1. Read up a little on lovage, which I don’t know….similar to cilantro or parsley, regarded somewhat as a medicinal herb. Darrel, do you use this in salads….? Sounds like it would be good. I don’t think it’s available in most garden stores, and I’d love a start….if that’s possible. Jim

  2. Lovage is a perennial and it gets very large, six to eight feet tall. The leaves are good during April and May when they are still tender. It grows readily from seed, and this summer I will have plenty of seed, so remind me and I’ll send you some. The leaves are great in soups, especially potato soup. You can also chop them up finely and add them to salads. It does have a cilantro-parsley-celery like flavor.

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