One More Day?

Happy and his consorts are always happy to devour any leftover tofu or okara when I am in the cabin making tofu.

One more day? The cherry trees are full of cherries this year. The birds are leaving them alone this year. Often they don’t get to ripen this far before they are picked clean. Will they taste better tomorrow? With this many cherries, and just two of us to eat them, we can try some today, leave some for tomorrow, and have more the day after.

Let radishes go to bloom and this is what you get, delightful, butterfly-like flowers dancing in the breeze. There are so many vegetables that send out charming flowers if you don’t eat them. Carrots, onions, kale, lettuce, all are worth growing just for their blooms.

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    Really enjoy your website. So refreshing and interesting.

    Susan Mann


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