Sounds of Spring


A fortuitous combination of country road crews and rain has created a slender garden of cascading mountain streams along Bow Hill Road. Take a few steps away from busy Bow Hill Road and you enter the calming world of a mountain stream, cascading over the rocks.

[wpvideo XMgE42YH]

It’s a world almost no one sees though thousands go by every day. While I was filming the cascading waters, cars drove by every five to ten seconds. At a car every ten seconds, that’s 360 cars a day. In ten hours that’s some 3,600 cars and how many thousands of people? Do any realize how beautiful it is in the ditch?

In the future, when cars drive themselves, you’ll have time to enjoy the beauty in the ditches. You’ll be able to get out of your car, and send it on it’s way to pick up your shopping and do your errands, while you dip your toes in the cold cascading waters of the ditch. Your car will come back in an hour with your shopping, and take you home, refreshed from listening to the sounds of spring.

Every cascade makes it’s own sound. The size and shape of the rocks, the width of the stream, the slope of the rock, the flow of the water, all make the water sing a different pitch and volume. The water sings its way down to the valley. When the road engineers and crew were designing and building the ditch, I don’t think they were planning on making a water instrument miles long, but that’s what they accomplished. Often the most wondrous things people make are things they never intended to create.

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