A Few of the Wonders Today

Magentaspreen sprouts

The news on the radio, internet, and TV, is so dismal, it’s a wonder the world doesn’t stop spinning and just give up. And yet, every minute of every day, there are wonders to enjoy. The magenta screen have sprouted in the garden. Grow this plant once, let it go to seed, and you’ll never have to plant it again. It’s remarkable when you think about it. In late summer, the magenta spreen drops its tiny seeds, very tiny seeds, onto the ground. These tiny specs survive all winter just below the surface of the soil, and sprout in the spring without you having to do a thing. How do they make it all winter without being eaten or destroyed?


What is more wondrous than picking radishes out of the ground? Or watching a peony flower bud swell?


For lunch, a basket of kale buds, you don’t find these in stores, Pepper’s egg, and radishes. The world won’t stop spinning today. Too many good things are happening.

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