Two in One


The cool, fall weather doesn’t slow down the baby chicks. These days, more often than not, they’re running ahead of their mother. They are two weeks old. Very few two week old chicks get to run as fast as they want over grass and through the woods.


While weeding this afternoon, I found a kohlrabi with two kohlrabi on a single stem. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen this. Usually, kohlrabi grow vertically and develop one kohlrabi near the base of their stem, like in the picture below. Somehow, this kohlrabi fell over and sent up several shoots. Vegetables have as much personality as people. Plant a hundred kohlrabi and you’ll get a hundred different kohlrabi. Many will be similar, but look closely, and each one is unique, with some far more unique than others.


While weeding I gleaned some of the onions I haven’t picked yet. These were the stragglers, the ones not pretty enough for the market. Maybe they’re not that beautiful, but they taste just as good.

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  1. I love it when plants do something unexpected like that… it makes me smile. I had a fasciated lily once that grew to over six feet tall with a slightly wide and flat stem that had more than 80 blossoms on it. The other lilies of the same type were half that tall with only a few flowers each. I haven’t seen anything quite like it since.

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