You Never See This on a Regular Egg Farm


This two and a half month old chick waits patiently while its mother takes time to lay an egg. Some young chicks have a hard time growing up and leaving their mother’s side. This chick is one of the lucky ones. Of the billions and billions of chickens hatched and raised each year, only a handful ever have the luxury of seeing their mother lay an egg. It’s for these special chicks that a man and a hoe® exists. In this busy, super efficient world, there have to be a few places where mother hens have all the time in the world to raise their young, and where chicks can leave their mothers’ side when they are ready.

2 Replies to “You Never See This on a Regular Egg Farm”

  1. I’m curious… once a chick has grown up, does it still maintain some kind of bond with its mother or do they both just go their separate ways?

  2. Once a chick is grown, they go their separate ways. What usually happens is that a mother hen is raising more than one chick. Anywhere from one month to three months, usually around two months, the mother and chicks go their separate ways. Instead of sleeping with her chicks, she’ll go back to roosting with the other hens, and the chicks will stay together. Sometimes this separation is very gradual, other times it is quick, with the mother hen deciding one moment, she’s had enough, and chasing her chicks away. It is the bond between the siblings that carries on for a long time.

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