When It Shines Everyone Naps


There are nothing but sun worshippers at a man and his hoe®. Living in the Pacific Northwest, there are times you doubt that a thing like the sun even exists. It’s hard to believe in things you never see. So when the sun comes out, you just have to bow down in amazement that such a marvelous thing crosses the blue sky.


Nothing beats taking a long nap in the warm sun. The best naps I’ve ever taken are with the sun beating down on me. The bright rays seem to penetrate to your inner core, cleansing every cell. You wake up feeling like you’ve slept a thousand years. I think the chickens feel the same way. Did you know chickens yawn too? Maybe that should be the distinction we make when we divide beings into sentient and nonsentient ones. If they yawn, they get the special treatment, otherwise … ???


Even the guard dogs nap in the sun. The great thing about living this far north, is that the sun is never cruel. Even in the middle of summer, it’s warmth is gentle, not the blowtorch blaze of a southern sun.

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