One Thing Leads to Another


We’ve been here more than ten years now so I’ve looked at this circle of beech trees many times. This morning I saw a cedar had sprouted between two of the trees. Trying to take a photo of the cedar sapling, I looked inside the circle of beech trees for the first time. Ten years here and I’d never done that before. Wow! Instant art. Wonderful, delightful things are everywhere. All you have to do is look.


2 Replies to “One Thing Leads to Another”

  1. HMMMM. Doubtless, a knowledgeable Forester lives within your reach. If ground up cedar draws
    nitrogen out of the soil might it also do so in its living state? Since it is fairly young, would it and the beeches do better if it were expatriated from its adopted home to a better location?

  2. There is plenty of room for both the cedar and the beeches. There is an infinite supply of nutrients in the soil for the trees. There’s no problem with the cedar growing next to the beeches. They should all do well. In another spot there is a cedar and a number of wild cherry trees that have fused into a colossal tree.

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