A Basket of Eggs

Eggs in a basket
Eggs in a basket

Collecting eggs every few hours is always a pleasure. Some hens are consistent and lay their eggs in the same nest. Others move from nest to nest. And then there are Lucky and Peach. Lucky lays her eggs in one of the doghouses early in the morning. It’s a race as to whether the dogs or us humans get her egg. She does cackle a lot after she lays her egg. If we hear her, we can usually get to her egg first.
Peach is another matter. A very determined Buff Orpington, if one of the dogs is in the doghouse she likes to use, she will shoo the dog out of the doghouse so she can lay her egg.
One thing I don’t understand is why there are so few varieties of eggs in stores. Open a carton of eggs in the store and it is so boring. Most people have no idea eggs come in so many colors, shapes and sizes.

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