Blue Skies in November

November dawn

You can’t ask for a better morning this time of year. Barely cold, no rain coming down, and promises of sunshine on the morning clouds.

ducks feeding in the morning

The ducks on the pond are happy this morning. The four young ones we moved to the pond have blended with Snow and the other two older ones. The more the merry, that seems to be duck philosophy. I guess if you are a duck, the more ducks you are with, the less chance you will be the one eaten.

cherry blossoms and fall colors

The cherry tree the blooms year round doesn’t disappoint this time of year. Blossoms and fall leaves on the same tree. That makes for quite a show.


The Chuckanut Mountains and the other Cascade foothills are soothing today under a blue, November sky. If this was Japan, there would be small shrines on the top of many of the peaks. For mountains that comfort so many, on a summer day, the trails up the mountains are packed with hikers, shrines at the tops would be fitting.

Mt Baker and Lyman Hill

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  1. You seem to be having the loveliest weather! And I’m thrilled the small ones are getting along wonderfully with the rest. Thank you, you really brighten my days with your posts. I wish you a very pleasant rest of your day, sir!

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