Chickens in the Blueberry Patch

On a sunny day when the peonies are blooming, it’s time to weed the blueberry patch.


This year, the blueberries are loaded with flowers. Weeding, hoeing, and digging quickly draws a gang of chickens eager to help. I didn’t even realize Lucky was trying to tell me something until I looked at the photos I had taken.


Billy stands guard, making sure the hens are safe.


The hens do a thorough job stirring up the dirt. They are after earthworms and bugs, but do a great job aerating the top few inches of soil. They will destroy anything you’ve planted, so they are of no help when you are trying to seed a vegetable bed.


It’s impossible to be bored when there are chickens and chicks around. Spending fifteen minutes with a hen and her chicks beats following Twitter feeds or looking at Facebook.


4 Replies to “Chickens in the Blueberry Patch”

  1. Your photographs are stunning. I look forward to them just for their beauty, but they’re interesting in many ways. For example, some of your flora are ahead of ours, more than half way down the Oregon coast. I’m pretty new here but am guessing microclimates are at least part of the reason.

  2. It must be the microclimates. We are at times in the rain shadow of the Olympics so maybe there is a bit more sunshine and warmth up this way. The fog along the Oregon coast may have something to do with it.

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