Don’t Forget to Smell the Lilacs


The summer-like weather has the lilacs in full bloom. It’s impossible not to smell them. The slightest breeze, and their heavenly scent floats inside. In a few weeks they will be gone until next year. Now is the time to smell them.

A spider has made a home inside a bunch of white lilacs. You can see its slender legs. Does the spider sense what a beautiful place it lives? Or does it just care about the hapless insects which come by? While it waits, does it caress the lilac petals and sigh at their softness? Spiders smell through their legs. Maybe that’s why it dangles its feet over the petals. Perhaps it finds the fragrance of lilacs as tantalizing as we do.


The warmth has the asparagus shooting high. The beauty of having an asparagus patch is that you can pick them at different lengths. I find the ones that are just starting to branch out especially delicious. Those are not considered salable and they’ll never find their way onto store shelves. For the next few weeks, asparagus are practically a staple here. For the home gardener, they are an effortless vegetable. Year after year they come back whether you want them or not.

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