Orgasmic Potatoes


New potatoes, potatoes eaten within minutes of plucking out of the ground, are so orgasmically good, that it makes you wonder if it should be legal to sell potatoes that are more than a few days old. Maybe the reason you never see potatoes picked today in grocery stores, is that if they ever sold such potatoes, no one would buy the old ones that they normally sell.


What is special about these very fresh potatoes, is that their skins are thinner and more delicate than a baby’s breath. Gently rub your thumb along them, and the translucent thin skin peels away. The tragedy of modern life is that very few have any idea how delicious food is. If you let potatoes develop to the point that they have a thick skin, and then store them for months before they get shipped to stores and eventually end up on someone’s dinner table, you’ve lost the magic that new potatoes can play on your tongue.


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