Out of the Garden Today – August 31, 2014


This is what real food looks like. With produce so fresh and colorful, not eating your greens is never an issue. We were in Seattle today and happened to see a store called Eat Local, which sells prepared dishes which are hand-made in their kitchen, from scratch, using traditional cooking methods and house-made stocks. Customers can purchase the frozen dishes in their stores or have them delivered.

But buying a frozen, pre-made dish is nothing like gathering fresh produce and taking the time to make a meal out of it. With produce like this, processing is minimal and you can have a wonderful meal on the table in ten to twenty minutes, less time than it takes to go to the store and buy something or have it delivered.


And running to the store, you’ll never run into a hen and her chicks curious as to what you’ve picked for supper.


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  1. I was recently reflecting on how satisfying it is to have some part of my meal come from my own efforts, the bounty of nature & the grace of god. Also a feeling of connection with my farmer ancestors.

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