Skunky and Family


Here’s Skunky and its four siblings taking a break on a log. Their mother is right by them off to the right. Watching Skunky grow is a so much fun. It’s impossible not to smile when Skunky greets my eye. A special treat today was seeing Skunky hop on its mother’s back (scroll down to the last picture). Little chicks do that a lot. They are excellent hoppers. Hopping higher than their height is no big deal. What if human babies could hop higher than their height? Baby proofing a house would be next to impossible.


2 Replies to “Skunky and Family”

  1. Sort of a Cleopatra look (or King Tut for that matter). Definitely curious to see what Skunky looks like as an adult. These are lovely photos!

  2. Skunky’s wings won’t change much. It will have a lovely white wings with brown and grey etchings. Except for a dark, brown back, I’m thinking the rest of Skunky will be a light color, but you never know. Until its comb comes in, I’m not sure if Skunky is a hen or a rooster. It’s a beautiful chick.

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