The Joy of Producing Food

It’s Thursday, the day to deliver fresh salad greens and eggs to Tweets Café. The time to pick greens like Ruby Streaks is early in the morning when it’s cool. It’s a great time to be out in the field, scissors in hand, carefully cutting tender greens. The only sounds are the roosters crowing and the birds singing in the trees.


And this is one of the eggs destined for Tweets Café today. Maybe noting which hens are laying which eggs and writing the date on them is unnecessary, but each egg is that special.


Six months or so from now, these little chicks will be producing fantastic eggs. Until then, they get to spend several months bathed in the care and love of their mother, followed by a carefree months becoming adults with their siblings. They will never know what it’s like to be caged or confined to a laying barn with thousands of other chickens.


Every day, they’ll wake up from their roost, hop down, stretch, take a drink, maybe peck a bit before stepping outdoors to spend the whole day looking for good things to eat over acres of pasture, brush, and woodland.

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