You Can Always Do Better


Each loaf I bake is a chance to do better. This morning’s loaf came out very well with a nice crust, and a nice chew inside with plenty of holes. I increased the moisture content of the dough, using 500 grams of whole wheat flour and 450 grams of water, a 10 to 9 ration of flour to water.


Letting the dough rise for two days gives the yeast plenty of time to work its magic and turn the dough into a springy, elastic dough which bakes into a loaf with a good crunch on the outside, and a soft chew inside.

When you handle dough that’s risen for two days, with the occasional folding, you can feel that it is very much alive when you put it into the hot oven. You almost feel sorry for all the yeast cells that you are sending to their death. One minute, they are happily gorging and multiplying on the moist whole wheat flour. The next minute they are experiencing the fires of hell and releasing gas as they breathe their last breath.

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