Food as Art, Art as Food


This may be a pinnacle egg. Cognac laid this masterpiece yesterday. Is it food? Is it art? I think I should sell it to a psychologist to use in place of Rorschach cards. “Connect the dots in any order. There is no right or wrong way, just a sane way and an insane way. Let’s see if you are sane.”


A month early, the garlic are having fun with curling garlic scapes. I’m wracking my brain thinking of an evolutionary reason as to why they curl. Is there a pollinator that loves sliding up and down the curls? If the curls went straight up, would they get too high? If so, why not just grow a shorter scape? Why go the trouble of making lovely curls?


Maybe the whole purpose of the curls is to give cooks something to smile about. The purpose is to put art in the kitchen. It’s a mystery. Have a garden and some chickens, and mystery will find you every day.


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