I Want That One


Drama at the nests. Hanabi-hime is eyeing the nest Ruby is in, and Ruby is not happy. She is screeching at Hanabi-hime. “Don’t you dare!” she says. There are two empty nests next to the one Ruby is in, but Hinabi-hime wants THAT ONE.


Eventually Hanabi-hime gives up, and nestles into the next nest, but she’s not happy. Ruby finishes laying her egg, and jumps down. There are two eggs in the nest, but which one is hers? That’s easy to tell. It’s the warmest one as it’s the last egg out of a hen, but before I have time to take the eggs, Hanabi-hime nestles into the nest she wanted in the first place. The two fake eggs are there to let the hens know the nest is a safe place to lay eggs.


Later, when Hanabi-hime is done laying her egg, I have a chance to gather the eggs before the next drama starts.


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